About Diamond Cannabis Direct & Our Medicine

Diamond Cannabis Direct is a non-profit, exclusively top shelf medical cannabis mobile dispensary servicing San Luis Obispo County, California. Our goal is to provide a complete wellness program through the highest quality medicine and proper industry education. We are a partner to our members, providing medical cannabis delivery service & comprehensive healing programs, all with unparalleled professional service.

About Our Team:

Donavan: Co-Founder 

Donavan, born in California & raised in SLO County, has had the opportunity to experience first hand the incredible growth of the medical cannabis industry from start to current state. He’s witnessed the positive difference that cannabis has had on many lives, young & old. Donovan believes the improvement in the quality and caliber of products from what has been previously available, along with increased research and discovery in the science of CBD and other cannabinoids, is directly related to the success of patient treatments across the board from epilepsy to cancer. Contrasts such as these are what pushes not only himself, but also Diamond Cannabis Direct, to help fulfill the needs of its members, providing them with the very best quality and medication selection.

Jason: Co-Founder/Lead Cultivator

Sprouting his first seed 30 years ago, Jason knew then what he knows now, cannabis provides relief to those who are suffering. His mission is therefore to provide said relief via the highest quality indoor grown medical cannabis products available on the market today. Over the years Jason has adopted specific cultivation techniques which yield superior medicine, including but not limited to: 1.CO2 enrichment 2. Charcoal, hepa & blacklight filtered air 3. Dechlorinated, charcoal/ blacklight filtered & reverse osmosis water. Jason believes that taking these seemingly over the stop procedure ensures patients will have consistent access to the highest quality medicine.


Diamond Cannabis Direct’s Medicine:

Diamond Cannabis Direct cultivates a large portion of the medicine that we provide for our patients, as well as contracts vendors to provide the widest possible range of strain inventory and thus the largest range of medical benefits to our patients. To furthermore ensure that our patients are receiving the highest grade medicine, we are one of the few dispensaries which lab tests all of our flower and concentrates prior to distribution.  As we continue to grow as an organization and are able to facilitate cultivation of a comprehensive strain inventory, we plan to completely vertically integrate our organization. This will allow for greater control for the highest quality consistency throughout all of our products.